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I have a long history of music and production. Equally at home in the studio, performing on stage, producing other musicians, or running sound for bands or corporate events, I love all aspects of music and production.

Rate card (download PDF)

Studio Audio Production

Services Rate Notes
Audio Mixing $200/song Applies to the mixing process once I have all tracks edited, tuned, and in place in the song session file. Includes 2 preliminary mixes and a final.
Additional Mix $50/song Applies to any “mixes” in addition to the 3 included in the main Mix rate
Audio Recording $250/day session Applies to the recording process: Load in, setup of mics, & tracking.
Audio Editing $50/hour Applies to any “editing” of audio necessary for the project to be ready to mix, including pitch/intonation correction, time-alignment, and final comping of all audio takes.
Gear/Instrument Rental
Yamaha HS8 Pair $100/wk or $33/day 8″ Woofer Studio Monitors
Slate Digital VMS $100/wk or $33/day Includes transparent Mic and Preamp
Wurlitzer EP200A $200/wk or $67/day Vintage keyboard with re-conditioned internal amplifier
Fender Rhodes Mk 1 $100/wk or $33/day Vintage keyboard

Live Audio Production

Services Rate Notes
FOH Audio Mixing $25/hour Applies to the live mixing process, both rehearsal hours and show hours
Set-up/Tear down $25/hour Applies to set-up/tear-down of any gear necessary for the event to occur
Gear Rental
Yamaha 01V96
Digital Mixing Console
$200/wk or
(12) XLR input
(4) 1/4 input
(24) ADAT
(2) XLR Output
(4) Omni TRS output
(24) ADAT
(32) Mix channels
(8) Aux sends
(8) Mix Busses
Firewire/ADAT audio interface
(adds 8 XLR analog
inputs/outputs to console)
$45/wk or
(8) Analog In (XLR/inst)
(8 Analog Out (XLR)
(16) ADAT in/out
(2) Motu 8Pre
Firewire/ADAT audio interface
(adds 8 XLR analo
inputs to console)
$30/wk or
(8) Analog In (XLR/inst)
(8) ADAT in/out


Live Production:

  • Lubbock Christian University

Studio Production:


  • Hillside Worship
  • Caleb Jude Green Band
    • keys
  • Red & the Vityls
    • keys
  • Trae Sweatt Band
    • FOH Mixing, keys, vocals
  • Dallas Stevens Band
    • FOH Mixing, songwriting, keys, vocals

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