Load up the truck, it’s time for some music

I’ve had the privilege in the past few months to play out a little more.

CJGB_4thonBroadway2The first is to play keys for Caleb Jude Green. It’s been a fun re-exploration in learning new styles and ridiculous cover songs, such as Vulfpeck’s “1612”, and Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”.

Caleb is the worship pastor at my church campus, but also is a well-known local singer/songwriter. He has a very interesting, kind of old-school vibe. Check out his music here.

I’ve been able to play just a few gigs with him lately (one coffee shop, and one for Lubbock’s 4th on Broadway celebration) , but I’m hoping we are able to do more. It stretches me musically, and I really enjoy his style. It’s unique, positive and fun.

TSB_worship1I’ve also been privileged to help lead worship with the Trae Sweatt Band again. He doesn’t get to play out much either, and it’s been too long. We play a lot of the modern worship songs, and use track support, but I always try to go the extra mile to play as much of the synth/keys tracks as I can. It becomes a fun juggle to program everything I need for any one song onto my keyboard rig.

TSB_keytarI also get to break out the keytar.
That’s always a good day.

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