Furry Babies

Kristopher and I love all fuzzy, slimy, and scaly creatures, but those pointed-eared, sharp-clawed, fuzzy-tailed, reclusive, meowing beasts are our favorites. To date, we are the proud parents of two kitties and a frog. I shall post about my plant babies another day.

Firstly, there is Sparta. She is the queen of the house. This fluffy girl prefers to keep her distance. She is quiet, dainty, prim, and proper. My brother-in-law climbed into a dumpster to fish her out on a particularly cold and snow day in December. He immediately brought her to me (as I had tragically lost my dear ‘Winter’ a few months prior). Sparta greatly enjoyed her warm bath that night. I named her Sparta for her fighter’s spirit. And, admittedly, so I could hold her up in front of guests and yell, “THIS. IS. SPARTA!”

Secondly, we have Albus. He is a wizard and a butt. If you bend over during one of his feisty moods, he will indeed pounce you on your back. He has also managed to bite me in several unmentionable areas post-shower. Alas, he is the cuddliest and kissiest kitty around. He showed up on a particularly difficult evening. I had been commuting to and from work all Summer. Exhausted and sad, Kristopher and I returned home from supper to the mews of a little one in our backyard. We found Albus under an old pallet. It appeared that his mother had dropped him through a hole in our fence. He was covered in fleas and hungry…no brothers or sisters in sight. We took him in and taught him the magic of love. (Come on, you know you laughed a little. No? Not even just a little? Okay, I will take smiled internally.) He also enjoyed a very long warm bath and flea-picking session. Albus insisted on sleeping right under my nose for months.

Thirdly, there is Alexandria Frogburt. She is the first amphibian in the family, and she enjoys a terrarium full of moss and branches to climb. As a Texas Tree Frog, she enjoys the warmth and crickets she receives. No cuddles for her. Not that we wouldn’t enjoy them, she is just a bit of a loner.

That’s our family!

In remembrance of those who came before, I’d like to include two fur babies who kept Kristopher and I sane through our single years. Dr. Oreo and Winter. Thank you for providing love and comfort to us.

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