Load up the truck, it’s time for some music

I’ve had the privilege in the past few months to play out a little more. The first is to play keys for Caleb Jude Green. It’s been a fun re-exploration in learning new styles and ridiculous cover songs, such as Vulfpeck’s “1612”, and Justin Timberlake’s “Mirrors”. Caleb is the worship pastor at my church campus,…

New Front Door

After some kids shot out one of our side glass storm doors that lead into my studio (thankfully just the storm doors, the main doors were fine), Cassandra and I started looking for options to replace the doors with solid doors. Of course, it didn’t exactly work that way. The Materials In a local facebook group…

Furry Babies

Kristopher and I love all fuzzy, slimy, and scaly creatures, but those pointed-eared, sharp-clawed, fuzzy-tailed, reclusive, meowing beasts are our favorites. To date, we are the proud parents of two kitties and a frog. I shall post about my plant babies another day. Firstly, there is Sparta. She is the queen of the house. This…

Welcome to the Schmitt Life

Welcome! This is the blog of Cassandra and Kristopher Schmitt. We have been wanting to keep track of all the projects we’ve been a part of in the past few years, which range from set design to studio production to gardening to biology research and beyond. We hope you enjoy!

DIY Chimney Renovation

From painted wood paneling and brick footer to beautiful stone-work and custom mantel.